Unwind Foot Spa is a Eugene-based business, run by local owner, Tamara Andreas. Our goal is to help our clients relax and find a little relief from a fast-paced and stressful world. Unwind Foot Spa is inspired by visits to baths and saunas throughout Japan, Germany, Cambodia, and Thailand, as well as in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. Unwind's goal is to bring a little piece of these bathing traditions to Eugene, and with them, the culture of relaxing.

Tamara AndreasAbout Tamara Andreas:

I began Unwind Foot Spa in 2015. My background is varied, from an Architecture degree at the UO in 2008, to four years of nonprofit work with St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County. The genesis for Unwind Foot Spa came from a university trip to Japan in 2006. Japan celebrates a rich tradition of bathing, both at thousands of hot springs throughout the country, and at smaller local baths in the cities. In the Japanese tradition, bathing is not only to cleanse the body, it is also to cleanse and purify the soul. It is a place for reflection and meditation, as well as physical relief from stress and work.

Every time someone has a foot soak with Unwind Foot Spa, I hope to provide a small moment of reflection, peace, and relaxation. It brings me joy to see the smiles on my clients' faces. Thank you for your support of Unwind Foot Spa!

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More Travel Inspiration for Unwind:

Asia, Cambodia & Thailand:

Cambodia and Thailand both celebrate massage. They also have fabulous steam saunas - sometimes with steam so thick, you cannot see the walls. Both are very humid climates naturally - to step into a room with even higher humidity may seem crazy, but it is a blessing and relief. The moist air fills the lungs and breathing becomes a new sensation. To step back outside the sauna is refreshing. The whole body feels cleansed and purified.


The town of Baden-Baden in Germany is a historical bath town. The Romans knew and visited the city for their natural hot springs. In the 1800's, the spa town was rediscovered, and a beautiful bath still exists and is in use. A newer bath next door, the Caracalla, also features a wide variety of pools, a steam room, and many saunas, all with a different focus. 

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