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About the Foot Spa:

Q: Can you put epsom salts in the spa?
Regular epsom salts are not safe for the spa. The minerals in the epsom salts would damage the spa pump over time. However, we now stock a spa-safe epsom salt (non-iodized) that we can add to the spa water. This is an optional $5 addition to your rental. 

We also have an aromatherapy package that you can add to your rental. This is a selection of essential oils that can be added to the water for a lovely aromatic addition.

Q: Do you massage my feet?
Not exactly! The foot spa has 8 high-powered jets in the bottom, and on high power they will give your feet a pretty strong, thereapeutic massage. Even better, you can position your foot over the jet to get a precise massage on any sore point. It feels really good!

Q: How do you move the spa?
I use a dolly - the spa sits on the dolly and can be wheeled around quite easily. The heaviest part of the setup is the pump/heater/filter unit, and it is moved with the dolly as well. The spa bowl is made of a plastic resin which makes it light enough for me to move.

Q: How heavy is the foot spa?
Not heavy at all! The spa is made of a plastic resin, so when it's empty it's quite light to move. 

Q: How much does the spa weigh when full of water?
The spa holds 35 gallons of water, which is about 295 pounds when full. In general, this weight is safe for deck, patio, and indoor use. If we are set up outdoors, we use shims to help make the water as level as possible.

Q: Is the water clean? How is the spa sanitized?
The foot spa is equipped with a hot tub filter which captures any sediment or particles in the water. We add a hot tub chemical system called Baqua Spa to the water, which is bromine-free and chlorine-free, which keeps the water sanitized and clean for multiple feet to use. Baqua Spa is a form of stabilized hydrogen peroxide. The water is safe to use even if a client has a foot fungus, as it would be if that person used a public pool or hot tub.

Q: What are the rocks in the bottom for?
The rocks provide a gentle massage on your feet, similar to a light pressure-point massage. Also, they're really pretty! They are a colorful river rock from the USA.

Q: Is the water environmentally safe?
Yes, the water is environmentally safe. A small amount of a bromine-free and chlorine-free sanitizer and oxidizer, from Baqua Spa, is added to keep the water clean and clear. The primary ingredient in these chemicals is a stabilized form of hydrogen peroxide, which evaporates quickly in the soil. The water is environmentally safe to be emptied onto landscaping and flower beds or onto a gravel area. The water will not affect your lawn or vegetation.

Event Questions:

Q: Do kids like the foot spa? Is it ok for them to use it?
Yes! Kids love the foot spa. Often, they will soak their feet longer than the grown-ups will. Children also love to play with the colorful rocks we place in the bottom of the spa. Don't worry, the spa is very sturdy!

Q: If the spa seats 6 people, can I have more than 6 at my party?
Yes! People will often soak for a time, and then get up to get more food, another drink, etc. The foot spa can easily handle a party of about 15-20 people. If you have a really large gathering, such as a wedding or corporate event, consider renting two spas! The foot spa is also really popular with children, so one spa can be for the kiddos and one for adults.

Q: Where can I have my foot spa rental?
Almost anywhere! The foot spa can be set up indoors or outdoors. For indoor events, we put down a heavy duty tarp and rug to protect your flooring. All we need at the location is electricity and a hose water connection.

Q: When can I have my foot spa rental?
Rental bookings of an Unwind Foot Spa can be anytime and any day of the week. For events ending past 11pm, there will be a $50 fee for late night tear-downs or for next-day tear downs. An overnight foot spa rental is great for slumber parties!

Pricing Questions:

Q: Do you have travel fees? Will you go to Portland, Roseburg, the Coast, etc.?
Unwind Foot Spa is based in Eugene, Oregon. However, we will come to you! 0-15 miles to the location is absolutely free. Anything over 15 miles is $0.54 per mile Eugene (according to standard IRS mileage costs). Please see our page on Travel Fees for more detailed information.

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