Interested in purchasing a foot spa instead of renting one? Unwind Foot Spa is an affiliated seller with Sole Bowl, the manufacturer of our foot spas. Purchase a foot spa and enjoy soothing foot soaks whenever you want!

Your personal foot spa can be customized with different bowl colors, pump box styles, and other features. Purchase comes with one year full warranty. The spa uses a standard electrical outlet.

The Sole Bowl standard model starts at $1895.
Use the Promo Code "unwind" on checkout for a $25 discount!
Visit the Sole Bowl website at 

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Sole BowlMore about Sole Bowl

Sole Bowl, originally known as Ashiyu Foot Spas, is based in Portland Oregon. Their foot spas feature a large bowl of hot gurgling water, just the right size for one or several people to soak together. Jets of hot, filtered water stream through a bed of river rock to massage away muscle aches and soreness, bringing warmth and wellness. Visit the Sole Bowl website at 

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